GNX Series Enclosures

Finally, a range of IP67 rated enclosures that don’t look like boxes!  The i-Submerge™ GNX Series Enclosure System has been designed to be modular, functional, rugged and aesthetically pleasing.   It is as much at home on the desktop as it is on the deck of a marine research boat, in a research laboratory or as an industrial HMI module.

Designed differently

The GNX Series of IP rated enclosures have been designed differently than other off the shelf  enclosures with an equal focus on functionality and appearance.  Originally designed as an enclosure for marine electronics the range has been expanded with every design decision made with a view to producing a range of enclosures that can be integrated into production OEM products or used for one off developments in the marine, industrial, consumer or maker markets.

The core component of the GNX Series is the extruded aluminium body that provides the basis for a robust and flexible design, available in a range of sizes and profiles and supplemented with a range of accessories and mounts.

Designed for power and portability

The GNX Series of rugged enclosures have been designed to provide integrated battery power option off the shelf.  This will allow for the development of portable devices to be simplified, with provision for lithium and standard batteries.

Designed for displays

The GNX Series of rugged enclosures have been designed to provide integrated display options off the shelf, in both end and top panel configurations. This will allow for the development of devices such as handheld electronics devices, HMI modules or benchtop devices to be greatly simplified.

All the accessories

The GNX Series has been designed to accept a wide range of accessories to provide a range of additional functionality.

The range includes options for mounting, device protection, power, electrical/electronic connectors and display options.

Case Studies