GNX Series Enclosures – PCB Mounting

Secure mounting of PCBs is a key requirement of an electronics enclosure and the GNX Series offers several innovative solutions to suit any application.

Using PCBs with GNX Series Enclosures

The GNX Series offers several innovative solutions for mounting PCBs, to suit any application:

  • Slide-In Horizontal Mounting
  • Top Panel Mounting
  • End Panel Mounting

Slide-in Horizontal Mounting

  • The GNX Series PCB mounting clips offer a solution compatible to many extruded enclosures on the market with internal PCB slots, but with greater functionality, flexibility and easier assembly.
  • Allow PCB stacks to be pre-assembled before mounting into the enclosure.

Slide-in Horizontal Mounting (ctd)

  • Provide secure support of the PCB and at the same time some shock absorption.
  • Contacts can be fitted to provide electrical connection between stacked PCBs and to case for earthing (with additional contacts).
  • Clips are compatible with aluminium trays.

End Panel Mounting

  • PCBs mounted directly to compatible end panels.
  • Compatible end panels have M3 mounting points for PCBs.
  • Designed to be compatible with front mount IO connectors and modules. 

Top Panel Mounting

  • PCBs mounted directly to top panels.
  • Standard Panels have M3 mounting points.
  • Provides secure mounting of PCBs and easy assembly.
  • PCBs can be thermally bonded to the enclosure body heatsink.