GNX Series Enclosures – Accessories

Mounting a GNX Series enclosure is a breeze with a mounting T-slots on all four surfaces of the extruded body.

Mounting Options

Mounting options can be attached to the extruded body using M4 screws into the silicone rubber T-strips fitted with SS316 threaded inserts at 20mm intervals.

A range of innovative GNX Series mounting options are available, including:

  • Slide Lock
  • RAM® Mount
  • VESA Mount’

Basic surface mounts, under-dash brackets and DIN Rail mounts also available.

RAM® Mount Adapter

  • The low profile GNX RAM® Mount adapter attached to the top of the GNX Series extruded body with four M4 screws.
  • Provides M5 threaded mounting points for the RAM® Mount round plate ball base.
  • Suits both B and C size ball bases
  • Perfect for devices used in extreme scenarios like boats or offroad vehicles

Handles and Stands

The GNX Series enclosures are designed to be used as portable devices and i-Submerge OEM provides a range of handles and stands to make this easy and safe.

The range includes:

  • End panel handles
  • Side mount handles
  • Combination desktop handle and stand

Electronics Accessories

A range of electronic accessories are avaiable to be easily intergated into your GNX Series based device. These include:

  • Battery management PCBs
  • Display options
  • Rugged waterproof connectors
  • Cable glands
  • Gas ports
  • Buttons and switches
  • IO panel PCBs

Slide-Lock Mounting

  • An innovative mounting system that allows for a secure, quick release attachment of a GNX Series device to a flat surface.
  • Simply slide into place for a secure fit in either vertical and horizontal configurations.
  • Easily released with a single push release button.
  • Designed for GNX Series Enclosures, but will work on any device with a flat surface.
  • A number of sizes available to suits different size enclosures.
  • Manufactured from GF15PA6 with SS316 components for a rugged product and long-lasting performance.

VESA Adapter

  • The GNX Series VESA Adapter attaches to the top of the GNX Series extruded body with four M4 screws.
  • Provides M4 threaded mounting points for both 75 and 100mm VESA hole patterns.
  • Low profile mounting to the GNX Series body for a sleek look.
  • Manufactured from glass filled nylon with SS316 thread inserts.
  • Perfect for HMI modules or rugged displays.

Bumpers and Protection

A range of bumpers and protection accessories are available to ensure your GNX Series based device is protected both during everyday use, but also during transport and storage.

The range includes:

  • Silicone feet
  • Foam end panel protection
  • Rugged cases for storage and transport of single or multiple devices.